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I own this domain for around two years now. I always wanted to put something about Sir Cubbi Gummi, the Furry-side of Matthias Hensler here, but as always I haven't had the time to do so. However this domain hasn't bin unused. All the months I used as e-mail adress and gave them to many of my friends. I also had a homepage (created with Microsoft Frontpage but manually edited) which was made by Catzee for me as a provisonal page. Well, it was only a better impress and everything but not provisonal :-) I used it longer than planed, so I still have them online at Cubbi Classic.
This page was created together with my new homepage for my private side (, which should not be difficult to recognize since I used the same layout. Of course everything is written in XHTML 1.0 Strict with the usage of CSS2. Every modern browser should display this with wunderful colors, but all others should stay here, since older browser and even textbrowsers are fully support (I use them myself from time to time).
I hope that most things here are interesting enough to come back from time to time. I try to update this page often or less (guess that will be less :). Most (updated) things will be found in my photo album section.

Für die Deutsch sprechende Gemeinschaft: die Seite ist auch in Deutsch verfügbar, dazu einfach auf die deutsche Fahne am Anfang der Seite klicken.

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